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Play8 Casino is a new, cutting-edge online gaming platform. Play8, in partnership with Winbox, offers a wide range of casino games, including Online Slots and Fishing Games, for all preferences. This platform, operated by Malta-based Play8 Limited and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), offers enhanced security and thrilling entertainment.

Play8 Casino has intriguing games for every gamer. Play8 offers slot games from NetEnt, Microgaming, and Play’n GO, from classics to recent hits. Rich Mouse, Jin Qian Wa, and Dolphin Reef are among the popular online slot games. For more fishing fun, users can play Ocean King 2, a fish shooting game.

Overall Ratings of Play8

Trust Fairness: Play8 uses cutting-edge technology and with a user-friendliness of the UI and well safety system to keep its user’s personal information safe.  

Games: Play8 APK does offer two types of games which are Online Slots and Fishing Games to all their customers with a high-quality and enjoyable gaming experience. 

Bonuses: When users engage with Play8 online casinos via the Winbox app, users will have the opportunity to enjoy a plenty of fantastic bonuses and offers, including the Welcome Bonus, Daily Spin Bonus, and Turnover Bonus. 

Customer Support: Winbox has provided the best customer services to winbox users including to all the players who play Play8 in the Winbox app. In fact, players can contact their customer support by going through with the services that have been provided by Winbox such as Live Chat, WhatsApp, or Telegram. 

Available Games in Play8

Below are the Online Slots with the highest RTP: 


The widely played slot game Dolphin Reef is based on a reef that is home to a variety of well-known marine animals. Others are there to assist players as players make their way through the stillness and depths of the ocean. Players find them in the middle of the ocean, which has a deep blue colour, and players are surrounded by aquatic creatures of all sizes, the beauty and grace of which astound players. However, because they are at such a low level, players are unable to see them. 

These marine critters have left behind some mysterious messages in the form of letters and numbers scattered throughout the reef. If players are successful in matching the floating numbers, players will be rewarded with a payline in the game. This payline has the potential to raise their wager by 250 times if the players match 5 symbols that are identical. Then, the game takes on a completely new feel as players combine different kinds of animals. Players should make use of all of the paylines that are available, keep an eye out for free spins and scatters, and boost their wager whenever players find that they are winning a sizable amount of money. 


Rich Mouse: 

“Rich Mouse” is a three-reel, five-row slot machine game with three cute mice that bring luck. The game is named after these affluent mice, adding grandeur. The instructions for the game, which can be found online, provide information on 11 different pay tables, each of which offers players the chance to win vast sums of money. Lastly, the key to unlocking the FREE SPINS FEATURE is the SCATTER SYMBOL. This element triggers a rewarding sequence of 15 free games accompanied by a generous threefold multiplier. Activating this feature requires spotting the SCATTER SYMBOL on the reels. When three or more scatter symbols appear anywhere across the reels, this engaging feature springs to life, ready to enhance your gameplay. Notably, the WILD SYMBOL holds the power to double your winnings and act as a versatile substitute for other symbols, excluding the scatter symbol. It’s worth noting that the wild symbol cannot stand alone on the reels. In this game, winning combinations are only paid out when they are formed in a direction that goes from left to right, with the exception of the SCATTER SYMBOL, which awards a payout regardless of where it appears on the payline. Wins on a payline are multiplied by the total amount wagered on that line. 


Jin Qian Wa: 

Players can’t afford to miss Jin Qian Wa if they’ve ever had the remotest interest in learning about Chinese culture. There are extra symbols from the Far East featured in the slot machine game Jin Qian Wa, which is a three-by-five reel game. Among these emblems are depictions of a toad holding a ruby in its jaws, a turtle made of gold, an elephant made of ivory, and a green dragon. In addition, there is a yin and yang symbol that is white and black, a wild symbol that has Chinese lettering on it, and a variety of high card symbols that have Chinese calligraphy on them.

Jin Qian Wa serves as a wild symbol, granting it the ability to substitute for any other symbol except the scatters. When the reels boast more than three scatter symbols across any section, players are rewarded with eight free games. During free games, there is a bigger opportunity for additional wild symbols to make an appearance. Free games may, at some point in the future, give players access to other free games.

Here is a list of the Online Slots with the best graphics:

Super Lucky Cat: 

Enter the world of “Super Lucky Cat,” a slot machine game featuring three reels and five rows. Watch as three fortunate feline companions grace the screen, bestowing good fortune upon you with playful waves. If the players who are fortunate, they will run into the three brothers and be able to turn into a golden lucky cat, which will allow them to open the door to an unimaginable amount of fortune. 

Wild symbols and scatter symbols are featured in Super Lucky Cat, just like they are in other slot machine games. The cat serves as a stand-in for any other sign, and it can be replaced by any sign at any time. When a wild symbol takes part in a winning combination by substituting for other symbols, the payout for that combination increases by one. The scatter symbol has the unique ability to appear in both directions—left to right or right to left—across neighboring reels, starting from either end. This feature enhances players’ potential winnings. The highest win for each betting line in each direction is the one that receives the payout, determined by the line bet multiplier. This multiplier determines the payout amount for successful payline combinations, regardless of the direction in which they pay out.



These incredible dinosaurs are making their debut in the world of online slots for the very first time thanks to RTG’s newest slot game titled “T-Rex.” There are dinosaurs on all five reels of the “T-Rex” slot machine. These vibrant lizards will keep players entertained while also contributing to the financial stability of their casino in whatever way they can. In addition to these features, this slot machine boasts a captivating background and lifelike sound effects that come to life when T-Rex contributes to a win and during the bonus rounds. Additionally, there are free spins that may be won. Volcanoes, dinosaur eggs, and poker symbols that are the appropriate size and shape are some of the additional symbols that can be found in this game. Players can elevate both the frequency and size of their wins by leveraging unique symbols and features like wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and various other special elements.



Even though the roar of a Tyrannosaurus Rex is normally terrifying, it ought to fill players with joy if they play this slot. Why? Because it indicates that it has fulfilled its function as a substitute (with the exception of the eggs that have been scattered), and it will bring them a nice, substantial prize. During regular play, players are only able to spot the T-Rex on reel 3. This may appear to be an extremely rare occurrence, but in reality, it occurs fairly frequently there. This helps make up for the fact that it is not present on any of the other reels. Another fantastic quality of this symbol is that it increases the value of any prize it contributes to your acquisition by a factor of two.



The hatching of a dinosaur will be yet another event to anticipate and look forward to. In addition to bestowing prizes on the locations at where they are found, these eggs also kick off unique events. If you obtain three or more of them on the reels, players will get the opportunity to choose an egg and find out what riches are concealed inside. One of the prizes consists of up to ten free spins, in which a T-Rex character will play a unique part. It will consume all of the other dinosaurs that are present on the reels, clearing the way for additional T-Rex symbols and improving their odds of winning.


Captain Treasure: 

The treasures contained within the box will cause excitement and joy in everyone. Playing Captain Treasure will provide players such a treasure to enjoy. Because it is a slot machine by Playtech and has a pirate theme, they will be entertained the whole time when they are playing it. Players are having the opportunity to play on 5 reels, but the game only has 9 lines, which makes it very easy to keep track of their bets. They will not be deprived of the opportunity to participate in a game for a jackpot since there is one, and it is of significant value. If this is the goal that they want to achieve, they should think about playing with the highest possible wager.

Players will find that Captain’s Treasure satisfies their desire for traditional elements thanks to its Wild and Scatter potential. Their Scatter is the chest, and Captain Blackbeard serves as the Wild card in this game. Players will obtain a payout even if they just spin one symbol during the bonus round. In this setting, a pirate’s life is not often laden with danger; rather, it consists of playing a game of chance for the most part. As a result, the Jolly Roger in this slot game with five reels and nine paylines is prepared to provide players with the foundation for gaming, and players should not anticipate any disappointment. It is to one’s advantage to play with the intention of winning the prize, to seek it out, and to take pleasure in the benefits that the Wild and the Scatter will bring. Players can use the map to assist themselves in finding the treasure. This riveting game will pay out victory both from left to right and right to left as it progresses. Players will gain quite a bit from the additional characteristics. 

Play8 Fishing Game

Ocean King 2: 

While fishing games, also known as fish shooting games, may not be as prevalent in online casinos as slot games, they offer an equally thrilling experience. Distinguishing them from passive slot machine spinning, fishing games demand active player engagement, enhancing their excitement. The Ocean King, Play8’s exclusive fishing game, challenges players to outscore opponents by catching and defeating more fish. The aim is to amass points and winnings by targeting rare fish species. Special catches like Bomb Crab, Drill Crab, Laser Crab, Roulette Crab, and Thunder Dragon bring unique advantages. Laser Crab grants a timed laser beam shot, while Thunder Dragon summons dragons to amplify winnings. Amidst its simple premise, the game demands quick thinking, coordination, and skill, further intensified by high-definition graphics and stunning 3D animations, crafting an immersive marine ambiance.

Bonus & Promotions

Through its partnership with Play8, Winbox Malaysia offers players an extensive collection of casino games and a wide range of promotions. These promos, including in-app credit and cashback, extend to Play8 and other game developer offerings, benefiting new Winbox users. Let’s explore Winbox’s enticing promotions in the following section.

*** To All Winbox Participants:

Please note that promotions may have changed since the time of this review’s publication. If you encounter any issues or require further details, feel free to contact our customer service. Additionally, you can visit the “Winbox Promotion” section for updates.


[Welcome Bonus] – 100% Top Up Bonus

Begin your gambling journey by making an initial deposit of at least RM20 and seize a remarkable 50% bonus on top! 


[Daily Spin Bonus] – Deposit RM30 get 1 spin that up to RM50 free credit everyday 

Enhance your daily deposit routine with a minimum sum of RM30 and unlock the opportunity to spin and win up to RM50 in free credits every single day! 


[Slot Game Turnover Bonus] – Deposit RM20 get spin for free credit 

Deposit fund with a minimum of RM20 and earn a free credit spin for the next day based on the turnover. Receive one spin for every 3000 turnover accumulated within a day. 


A: Play8 is an online casino that has most of the online slot games. The partner of Winbox is dedicated to giving gamers the best slot games in the world. There are 120 slot games called “masterpieces”, and each one has a different story and theme.  

A: Is definitely safe to play Play8 at Winbox. Winbox provides all their customers with the best environment and also safety and security. For example, the latest firewall, data encryption and so on are all implemented and spotcheck every single time in Winbox. 

A: The best way is to download a Winbox application in order to play Play8 online casino. It lets customers more easily understand and easy to download or play games in the application. 

A: Customers have to create an account at Winbox application if they are playing Play8 casino in Winbox application. Once they sign up their Winox account, customers are requested to fill up their information such as email, phone number, and password. Once the OTP has been sent, which means the registration has already completed.   

A: A game of Play8 can run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many players are playing and the level of difficulty you choose. 


Winbox 77 offers a fun and exciting gaming experience. At Winbox 77, you can enjoy a variety of casino games and have the chance to win great rewards. It’s a trusted platform where you can play and have a good time with ease. Join us now and experience the thrill of online casino gaming at Winbox 77!



Play8 Pros & Cons

Similar to any online casino, Play8 Casino presents its own set of advantages and disadvantages that players should carefully assess before registering and engaging in gameplay. Below are some potential pros and cons associated with Play8 Casino:


  • Wide Range Of Slot Games

Most people know that Play8’s slot games are the greatest in the industry. Slot game lovers will never become bored as long as there is a huge range of slot games with varied themes and prizes, and as long as new slot games are constantly being developed.


  • User-Friendly Interface 

The UI of the platform is designed to be intuitive, which makes it simple for players to explore the platform and locate the games that they are interested in playing. 

  • Mobile- Optimized 

Due to the Play8 casino being completely optimized for mobile play, players are able to access and play any of their preferred games from any mobile device. 


  • Promotions And Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses help gamers get started and keep coming back. These include a generous welcome bonus and regular tournaments and promotions.



  •  No Sports Betting 

Unfortunately, Play8 casino currently does not offer any sports betting choices, despite the fact that it has a diverse selection of casino games. 

  • Limited Customer Support

Players have voiced their concerns that the customer assistance at Play8 casino is inadequate, citing poor response times and restricted availability as examples. 


User Interface Experience

User interface (UI) is a topic that deserves more attention than it gets, and it is often a source of annoyance for individuals who don’t actually know what’s at fault while using a specific piece of software.This is due to the fact that UI is an aspect that often doesn’t receive the attention it deserves. The user interface’s quality holds significant importance when engaging in online casino gameplay. To comprehend its significance, let’s explore how it can impact the overall gaming experience. So, Why Play8 online casino provide great user interface experience to all the players, because of: 

  • It can attract new players 

Bounce rate is an important metric for all types of online enterprises, and potential clients will almost immediately lose interest in your offerings if the interface is not up to par.


Furthermore, if the user interface is straightforward and simple to browse, then people who have never used a casino website before will not be confused. These individuals have a greater potential to become dedicated customers who provide the operator with regular income year after year. 

  • Embracing Mobile Users 

In the modern landscape, another crucial facet of user interface design is its adaptability to accommodate a diverse range of device users. The imperative for casino websites to function and appear similarly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets as they do on desktops cannot be overstated. This has led to the widespread adoption of flexible design and adaptive user interfaces by successful platforms. For example, a visit to newcasinos.com reveals an interface perfectly tailored to your screen size and preferred input method. Conversely, a subpar user interface becomes apparent when accessing a site on a mobile device, and even desktop users can experience this by resizing their browser window. Responsive websites adjust seamlessly, while poorly constructed ones fail to do so.

  • Separating oneself from the other people 

In the end, it is the job of the user interface (UI) in casino gambling to win over players and to keep them coming back for more. This is a topic that we have discussed briefly in the past, but given that the major goal of both land-based and online machines is to produce money, it is important enough to bring up again!


Download Play8

The collaboration between Winbox and Play8 will benefit both companies and players. The only thing you need to do to play games from Play8 and more than 20 other online casinos is to download the Winbox app. This significantly enhances the convenience of enjoying our preferred online casino games, as placing the Winbox software on our mobile devices enables us to access and play these games at our convenience. This rationale holds strong persuasive power.

While players do have the option to access the mobile version of Winbox without downloading the app, the optimal approach for enjoying the complete range of games on the platform, including Play8 games, is to download the app directly from the Winbox website. Start by going to the Winbox website and finding the version that works with your phone’s operating system. You can search for either an Android or an iOS version. To complete the download process, users need to navigate to their phone’s settings and enable the installation of any programs. It will be done quickly then.



Play8 stands out as one of the leading new online casinos making waves globally. Their emphasis on mobile optimization, accessibility, and user-friendly navigation sets them apart in the competitive landscape. Renowned for their high-quality online slot games, Play8 has captured the hearts of numerous Winbox online casino players. Beyond the monetary rewards, players appreciate the engaging presentation and enduring appeal of the games. Crafted to cater to diverse global gaming preferences, Play8’s offerings are unified by their thematic excellence. The seamless payment process through Winbox, coupled with frequent discounts, amplifies player satisfaction. Through their partnership with Winbox, playing at online casinos becomes not only more enjoyable but also more convenient, providing a richer gaming experience.

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