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Daily Spin Wheel Promotion

Winbox Online spin the wheel promotion are interactive games that our Winbox players can play to spin for the chance to win rewards. Spin the wheel promotions are to win reward bonus to our Winbox VIP members. Spin the wheel games offer the possibility to win with each turn, which can be utilised to encourage current Winbox Malaysia gamers to connect with our website.Spin the wheel gives participants the chance to win bonus prizes that are decided by spinning a virtual wheel that will stop on a random section. A different reward or offer is presented in each segment. This implies that regardless matter how the segment ends, there is always a chance to win something.


Step-by-Step Instructions for Playing Daily Spin Wheel Promotions

Spin The Wheel To Win Reward Bonus!
⭐ How to join?
➡️ Login
➡️ Insert the given code
➡️ Spin the wheel
➡️ Get your reward
📆 Promotion valid until 31-12-2023


Here is the Credit Rewards of the Winbox Daily Spin Wheel
  • RM5 credit
  • RM10 credit
  • RM15 credit
  • RM20 credit
  • RM25 credit
  • RM30 credit


Grand Credit Reward
RM50 credit

After Spin the wheel the segment lands, Winbox VIP players need to screenshot this page of the rewards and send to our customer service to claim your prize!

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